The one thing that every person has in common is TROUBLES! Bad things happen to good people! Nowhere in God's Word does He say that once you decide to follow Jesus, life would be a bed of roses! Christians are not exempt from heartache or problems; all of us experience them from time to time. That is just a fact of life. But a lot of Christians live defeated lives and stay discouraged simply because they have not understood that ALL Christians are going to have TROUBLES! Too many think that because they are following Jesus, life should be easier and more comfortable; that God and good times should always go hand in hand; that Christians aren't supposed to experience difficulties, and when they do, they are frightened, bewildered, and feel ABANDONED AND ALONE!

Through the years, we have kept a journal and began to feel strongly that we needed to share some of the lessons we have learned as we have worked through different troubles in our journey with the Lord. We share how God's Word brought us through or gave us hope in the midst of each struggle. We are not sharing so called, "Horrific" troubles, but troubles that are common to all of us. One of the purposes of the book is to show people that they are NOT ALONE in their struggles and that God's Word is applicable to all of life's situations.

We believe, as people read this book, they will identify with and relate to many of our stories. It is our prayer that the reader will come to comprehend the LIVING POWER IN GOD'S WORD as they learn to apply it to their own life experiences. We pray people will not only experience hope, but will be encouraged, educated, challenged and uplifted,

Billy and Winky put out their family devotional book, "Applying God's Word from A to Z in 2012. It is a book that helps parents/grandparents read and discuss God's Word to the children and helps one memorize scriptures according to alphabet or word association. Each letter of the alphabet has a devotional to go with it to show them life application of the verses.

There is also a section of the book concerning scriptural praying over children/grandchildren.

All proceeds from the sale of their books go to a ministerial scholarship fund at East Texas Baptist University.

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